Steamroller Printmaking Class

Last week I began a steamroller printmaking class at the Lawrence Arts Center. This is the second printmaking class I've ever taken. Both have been at the LAC. My first was a woodcut class from the late Sally Piller. I'm excited to work and learn with Tonja Torgerson this time around and see what my fellow classmates come up with. We each have a 3x8 foot MDF block to carve.

I'm working on a Life Aquatic themed print. The main image will be from the submarine scene toward the end of the film. I've already started carving and can't wait to see how it looks when it's done. Our class will be printing our work on May 26 in downtown Lawrence immediately after the Art Tougeou parade. I'll update as it gets closer, but I'll be documenting the progress on my Instagram: @seeforce.